Abbie Stewart

23 year old Illustrator currently on the second year of a masters course.

I will also accept commissions.

Mounted Mexican Wolf. On sale in my Etsy shop.

WIP - COMPLETED Mexican Wolf.

Just spent the week in Amsterdam, spent most of it walking everywhere.

WIP Mexican Wolf.

Finally got round to drawing again! I decided to doodle a Mexican wolf, it looks a bit skinny but oh well. I like it so decided that I’m going to create a cut out art work of it. This is it so far, hopefully will be able to carry it on tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to do any artwork as I’ve just finished uni and moved back home so I’m trying to fit all my stuff in the house.

Photos of my work in the exhibition.

Photos taken with my phone of the putting up of my exhibition work. (Sorry about the quality will take better ones tomorrow)

I’ve faced a few problems so far, like the student before me not taking down their work and using things to fix it to the wall that then damaged it. I’ve had problems with hanging my fabric, the piece in front hangs lower than the back and no matter how many times I altered it it wouldn’t line up. Now I have to cut it down and move it tomorrow a couple of hours before the private view. 

I pinned the blue charts up early yesterday afternoon and then in the early evening a lecture came round and spoke to me about the placement so this morning I went in early to move them and ripped the corner off one of them. Also the amount of mapped pins I broke whilst hammering them into the wall is ridiculous. 

I always forget how stressful it is putting up an exhibition!


If you ever put work in an exhibition here’s a tip for hanging paper. Using nails is perfectly fine, however using nails, blue tak, double-sided tape and foam stickers isn’t. Especially when the next knob comes along, takes your work down and proceeds to pull down three small circles of plaster with it.  The only way to remove the foam stickers is by sanding them off, which also removes the paint so the previous paint can show through. Time was then spent painting the wall. The stereotypical first day of exhibition put up.

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MA (the space between)

This website accompanies the MA exhibition and contains information of everyone’s work.

Poster for exhibition in Swansea. If your in the area you should check it out, it opens on Friday.

Poster for exhibition in Swansea. If your in the area you should check it out, it opens on Friday.


One of my cats has gone missing, she has been for three days now. Her name is Lily and she was last seen at 9pm Sunday night when she was let out, in Claremont, the Malpas area of Newport, South Wales, UK. 

She is mainly black with white patches on her chest and feet/legs and belly. She was also wearing a red collar.She is a friendly cat but is skittish, she will get spooked by loud noises and quick movement. The last two photos are the most recent.

I understand that most of the people reading this are from a different country but I will be eternally grateful if you could reblog this and spread the word. She is a beloved pet and is being gratefully missed.

This is from my personal blog. My cat has gone missing and I would be really grateful if you could reblog this and help spread it around that she is missing!

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